ISLAMABAD - Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has again missed the revenue collection target by Rs. 5 billion in the month of October, TheNation reliably learnt on Wednesday. FBR had set the tax collection target of Rs. 108 billion for the month of October in the financial year 2009-10 but it achieved Rs. 103 billion. It is not the first time that FBR has missed its tax collection target, as it has not achieved the target in any month of this financial year. It has collected Rs. 260 billion taxes in the first quarter of running financial year (July to September) against the set target of Rs. 270 billion. Now adding the current shortfall of Rs. 5 billion, FBR in total has missed Rs. 15 billion tax collection that is a huge amount. This situation can be considered very serious in a sense that the given figures are for only four months and if FBR does not improve its system, the financial problems for the country will worsen. It is also pertinent to mention here that IMF is also very much concerned about this situation and it has also showed its dissatisfaction to the government, sources informed. They further revealed that IMF was concerned because it was providing finances to the government. The sources also revealed that the government needed to widen its tax net or increase the tax base, otherwise it would not be able to meet the budgetary expenses of the country in the future. Even now the government was not in a position to arrange money for the countrys budget and most was relying on foreign loans. IMF is also very much concerned about the budget deficit and it has directed the government to reduce it, sources informed.