MADRID (AFP) - A Muslim lawyer has protested to judicial authorities in Spain after being excluded from court for refusing to lift her veil, a Spanish newspaper reported Wednesday. Zoubida Barik Edidi, a Spaniard of Moroccan origin, was attending a trial in the National Court in Madrid on October 29 when Judge Javier Gomez Bermudez asked her to leave because she refused to raise the veil, the daily El Pais said. It said she was not there to defend a client, but was wearing her lawyers robes and a veil. She left the courtroom, but then filed a complaint with the body that oversees the judiciary in Spain, citing discrimination and abuse of power. She said the regulations covering lawyers attire in court specify only that they wear their robes and that their clothes are suited to the dignity and the prestige of the robes that they are wearing and to the respect for justice. El Pais said that Zoubida Barik Edidi, who has been a practicing lawyer since last February, has already participated in about 10 trials in Spain without having to lift her veil.