General (Rtd) Musharraf, who is absconding from law, has used derogatory language against someone he installed at the helm himself, apparently, to save his neck. It seems Mr Zardari reneged on his promise to protect Musharraf and his interests. Hence the outburst. As an observer, I have no love-lost for either other than an interest in the show they are going to put up next. Who would outsmart whom is what interests most of us. Musharraf is a Judo, Karate, and Kung Fu expert besides being a virtuoso tabulchi while Mr. Zardari is a great financial wizard and strategist. The General has fired the first salvo, donned the gloves and is in the ring to challenge Mr. Zardari. Would Mr Zardari take up the challenge himself or ask his two fast-trotters, Farhatullah Babar, Fauzia Wahab, to take on the General. We wait with a baited breath for the match to begin. -MAJOR (RTD) ZAHID SALAM, Rawalpindi, November 10.