LAHORE - Changing its past stance, the PPP Punjab has announced to bring former dictator Pervez Musharraf to the docks for high treason charges under Article 6 of the Constitution. Thereby the PPP has joined hands with PML-N against Musharraf after opposition leader in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan defended President Asif Ali Zardari against the language and remarks used by Pervez Musharraf against the president in an interview. PML-N welcomed PPPs shift in the stance on Musharrafs trial. PML-N spokesman Senator Pervez Rashid has termed it a right step in the right direction, however, he lamented the delay PPP made in taking decision against Musharraf. Anyway it is better late than never, he added. PML-N, the victim of Musharrafs coup in October 1999, did not fully reconcile with the set up after the February last election under Mushrraf. However, it continued its support to the PPP in formation of government in the center in best interest of Charter of Democracy. It joined the Cabinet for a brief period but remained persistent on its demand of Mushrrafs removal as president. Later when the PPP government decided in August last year to throw Musharraf out of the office through impeachment (but Musharraf himself quit the office), PML-N fully stood by it chiefly on the hope that Musharrafs ouster would follow reinstatement of the deposed judges, as the commitment was made with Zardari. Later on when PPP failed to honour the commitment on judges restoration, PML-N that had already left the Cabinet strongly voiced for a high treason action against Musharraf primarily for November 3 PCO, but the other side hardly shouldered its efforts and even turned down its demand of putting his name on the ECL. PML-N also went into difficulty over the demand of high treason trial of Mushrraf when the question of presenting a resolution to this effect to the National Assembly was raised by PPP. Such a requirement in the eye of the experts was unnecessary. Though an initiative by the Federal Government was requirement yet it failed to take up the matter. Of late, under the direction of Balochistan High Court, a case on murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti stands registered against Musharraf. Now the senior minister and senior leader of PPP Raja Riaz Ahmad has come all out against Pervez Musharraf after the latter has spit venom on his leader. He told a press conference on Wednesday his party will hold Musharraf accountable for high treason under Article 6 of the Constitution (obviously for November 3 PCO) as the party has tolerated him enough. Tremendously annoyed by what Musharraf said about Asif Zardari in the interview, he said after the kind of language and remarks Musharraf used against his leader, no room is left for showing any patience against him. We would certainly try him for high treason, he said, pointing at the other members of his party to say, it was their collective decision. Making another announcement on the occasion, Raja Riaz said November 16 next would be observed as a protest day against Musharrafs remarks and the demonstrations would be held at district and tehsil levels throughout Punjab. PPP would receive Musharraf with black flag wherever he would move around the world, he said, pleading to the media, specially the anchorpersons, to avoid terming Zardari 'isolated as he was commanding the party and the nation.