ISLAMABAD The Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms after a calm and smooth sailing since its inception entered the troubled waters as members representing smaller parties and provinces are not ready at all to deal with the constitutional reforms piecemeal as is desired by the major political players. Although there was no official word from the Chairman of the committee Senator Mian Raza Rabbani who came up with stereotype response that committee was progressing well and dealing with the job with consensus, yet the sources in the committee informed TheNation that the members of the committee belonging to smaller provinces were not ready to budge an inch from their demands including provincial autonomy and renaming of NWFP as Pakhtoonkhawa. The sources disclosed that in the last meeting between the leadership of Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz), there was tacit understanding between the two sides that all the contentious matters including the revoking of 17th Amendment and Article 58(2)b would be done at the earliest and for the matter it would be separated from rest of the constitutional reforms agenda before the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms. The sources informed that PPP leadership had taken up the matter with its coalition partners and other political parties from the smaller provinces but none of them came up with supportive response to the idea of dealing with the constitutional reforms in phases. The leadership of these parties was of the view that they would not let this happen as after the removal of the distortions from the Constitution demanded by the main political forces, the rest of the process would automatically lose its significance and the things concerning the smaller provinces would never be taken up. A member of the committee belonging to Balochistan made it clear that they would not go for any partial revisiting of the Constitution and would only support the revocation of 17th Amendment and Article 58(2)b provided the provision of provincial autonomy and other matters concerning them. Another member of the committee was of the view that they would not budge an inch from their demand of renaming the NWFP as Pakhtoonkhawa and would not support any constitutional reforms package lacking this amendment. A member of the committee said that any piecemeal deal on constitutional reforms would hit the snags and the whole exercise would go waste. He stressed the need of adopting such a strategy in which the genuine concerns of all the stakeholders would be addressed.