This refers to a news item published in the national press about the hostel charges and the students' strike at the GC University Faisalabad the other day. This is to clarify that in 2007, the University was charging an amount of Rs 850/- per month per person, which was raised to Rs 1,100/- per month in 2009. This was a relatively small increase since the University had to rent private buildings in its surroundings to establish hostels to accommodate students. However, the total dues charged by the GC University were lower than those charged by the University of Agriculture, which has numerous buildings of its own. With time, the other universities in the city and elsewhere have also raised their hostel fees and the GC University, Faisalabad was also justified in doing so. The GC University now charges Rs 4,400/- per boarder per semester. This includes room rent, service charges, utilities and transport. Compare that with the University of Agriculture, which has its own buildings and does not have to pay rent to anyone but is charging Rs 4,440/- per semester per boarder. If the UAF were to hire private buildings and pay rent, a boarder would end up paying an additional amount of Rs 2,000/- per semester or more. With all the additional facilities being provided now to boarding students, the GC University would have 650 boarders, all from remote areas and would bear an extra expense of Rs 25-30 lakhs per annum, notwithstanding the grave financial crisis that it is currently facing. The University was closed for two days for beefing up security measures, i.e., installation of CC TV, raising of boundary walls, etc., as per the directions of the government of Punjab. It would now open on Tuesday, November 10, 2009. -MUHAMMAD IRSHAD, (Secretary to VC of GC University), Faisalabad, November 8.