ISLAMABAD Pakistans efforts to get attention of the international community on Kashmir issue are gaining momentum as the Italian Foreign Minister, currently on a visit to Pakistan, said on Thursday that the dispute should be solved amicably. Kashmir issue is indeed a problem for Pakistan and needs to be addressed through dialogue, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said during a press briefing jointly addressed by him and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Frattini told journalists that it was in Indias interest to have excellent relations with Pakistan and that New Delhi should work for positive movements to resolve the dispute. However, he especially mentioned that only dialogue was the best way to deal with the disputes like Kashmir and Palestine. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi told media men that Pakistan and Italy had agreed to further enhance bilateral relationship and that both of the countries were on the same page regarding a number of issues. When asked to comment on Obamas clear backing for Indias aspirations for a permanent Security Council seat, Foreign Minister Qureshi invoked Subcontinents most respected Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya and said it was not easy for India to get permanent seat in the UNSC. I have a message for the people in Delhi - Hunooz Dilli door ast, Qureshi said during conference held in auditorium of Foreign Office. Qureshi suggested that Indias efforts to gain a permanent membership could be a long-drawn and complicated process despite Obamas backing for the move. The FM said Pakistan wants a comprehensive, democratic and representative expansion of the Security Council. He told journalists that he had spoken to his Chinese counterpart about Pakistans reservations on Indias bid to gain permanent membership of the body. Meanwhile President Asif Ali Zardari is also expected to raise the issue during his ongoing visit to China. Fortunately, Foreign Minister of Italy strongly hailed Pakistans stance regarding expansion of Security Council and said it should be done through proper channel. He made it clear that Italy favoured reforming the Security Council and would not block the membership of any country however he said that it should be based on regional representation. Referring to terrorism, the Italian Foreign Minister said it was an international threat and all the countries including Europe were under the threat of terrorism, therefore, international community should fight this menace jointly. Frattini urged the international community to continue its support to Afghanistan to train its army, improve economic conditions and fight against terrorism to ensure stable, peaceful and developed Afghanistan that it is also in the interest of Europe. When asked if Italy supported dialogue with Taliban in Afghanistan, Frattini gave a positive response. Italy will support the process of reconciliation but with those Taliban who will reject violence, stop terrorism and respect the constitutional and local laws, he said. He further said that Afghanistan would be at top of the agenda in the next EU Summit being held in Lisbon as it was very important issue for the international community. Both Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and Italy told journalists that Italy would support Pak-EU trade cooperation. We support the negotiations for Free Trade Agreement between Pakistan and EU, Frattini said adding that Pakistan needed more access for its products to the European Union. Frattini announced that his country would award scholarships to Pakistan graduates to train them in different subjects in the Italian companies especially in the field of energy, agriculture, technology and other related subjects. He also emphasised the need that human rights of minorities either living in Pakistan, Kashmir or Palestine should be protected. Qureshi urged Italian government to invest in the energy sector of Pakistan where 17 dams were available for foreign investment. Replying to a question about the rights of minorities especially the Christians in Pakistan, Foreign Minister Qureshi said, Pakistan will not allow misuse of blasphemy laws and ensure the rights of minorities at all cost.