During President Obamas visit, India made sure that the issue of Kashmir is not brought up for discussion in any way. There are crucial questions that the world leaders should think seriously. The most important of them is that when in the late 1940s, the UN had given Kashmir the status of a disputed territory and the right to plebiscite then how come India claim it is its internal matter. The only answer is that the Indian government and its security forces are crossing all limits to forcibly suppress the freedom movement in Kashmir. They are afraid that their excesses in violations of human rights may be exposed because there are some brave intellectuals, think tanks as well as media analysts who are coming up with actual realities and showing solidarity with the Kashmiris. The Indian Muslims and specially the Muslims in Kashmir expected a lot from Obamas visit. Only one sentence in their favor could have boosted their morale. ANWAR MUKHTAR, Rawalpindi, November 10.