LAHORE - Leader of the opposition in the Punjab Assembly, Chaudhry Zaheeruddin, says the PML-Q has no plan to dislodge Mian Shahbaz Sharif as chief minister through a no-confidence resolution or any other means. Talking to TheNation on Thursday, he said the opposition wanted the chief minister to complete his term so that his failure to deliver was fully exposed. Some press reports say that the PML-Q and the PPP could join hands to remove Shahbaz Sharif during the next few weeks. Zaheeruddin said the PML-Q knew that the chief minister did not have the required numerical strength in the Punjab Assembly and was ruling the countrys biggest province only because of the support from what he called turncoats. He said the Supreme Courts stay order was also one of the reasons that the chief minister was in power. In such a situation, he said, the opposition would not like to take any step against him. He said so far the chief minister had given three budgets - amounting to Rs 1,600 billion - but had failed to take any single significant step for the betterment of the province. He said as many as 11departments were being headed by the chief minister. Despite all this, he said, the government had failed to solve peoples problems. He said the opposition would like the people to see for themselves that the chief minister could not do anything for them during the past three years and was not likely to do anything during the rest of his term.