WASHINGTON - Amnesty International has called for the prosecution of George W Bush following the former presidents admission to authorising waterboarding techniques, according to a report on the prominent human rights groups website. Under international law, anyone involved in torture must be brought to justice, and that does not exclude former president George W Bush, Amnesty International Senior Director Claudio Cordone said in a statement. If his admission is substantiated, the USA has the obligation to prosecute him. In the absence of a US investigation, other states must step in and carry out such an investigation themselves. In his Decision Points memoir, released Tuesday, Bush discussed his decision to administer the simulated drowning technique despite its being condemned as torture. In a recent NBC interview to promote the book, Bush explained that a legal adviser told him the practice did not fall within the anti-torture act. Waterboarding has since been banned by President Barack Obama. The debate over the prosecution of Bush and waterboarding is also playing out in Congress, specifically between two New York representatives. Siding with Amnesty International, Democrat Jerrold Nadler has urged a full investigation with the potential for prosecution. I am outraged by President Bushs own admission in his newly released memoir that he personally authorised the use of waterboarding on detainees while in office. This admission, delivered without remorse or regret, reminds us disturbingly of the persistent lack of accountability and resolution in confronting the crime of torture committed by our own government, Nadler said in a statement. The only way forward is to appoint a special prosecutor with a broad mission to investigate and, if warranted, prosecute these known cases of torture. In an interview with Politico, Republican Congressman Peter King rebuked his colleague, calling Nadler entirely wrong. Jerry and I are friends, but hes entirely wrong on this, King said. There wouldve been lives lost, and Bush deserves credit for what he did.