In order to crush the popularity of PPP in Punjab, General Zia dished out a number of sugar mill permits in 1980s, as the PPP was very strong in Punjab. General Zia broke up the PPP successfully with this strategy. He gave many sugar mill permits to ISI Generals of which General Abdul Rahman is a notable example. Hence, it accounts for the large number of sugar mills existing in Punjab. While the total number of sugar mills is only 82 in Pakistan, Sindh has only 30% share of the Mills and PPP, has only 4 to Six 6 Mills. Further more the price control mechanism is with chief ministers of provinces. The role of Punjab in this context assumes all the more importance owing to the fact that a majority of mills exist here. The delay to start the crushing season of sugarcane in Punjab puts a big question mark on governance by the provincial government. I am of the view that it is sugar mill owners are the real cause of trouble rather than the farmers who are exploited by these mills every year over payment of dues. While the sugar price was raised artificially from 22 rupees to a staggering 140 Rupees now in Punjab too, the support price for poor farmer and sugarcane growers is just raised by 15 Rupees. Shame on sugar barons who are fleecing the Pakistani nation. At the same time the need to be there as then. DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, November 10.