According to a news item, the Prime Minister plans to allot one residential plot to every MP, if the opposition agrees. One simply wonders what would the allo-ttee do with a naked plot. He would not be able to use it as a living house. The Prime Minister should review the plan. Along with the plot he should also 'allot a substantial amount of money with which the allottee could build a house worthy of his status. Simply allotting a naked plot smells of playing a joke with the allottee. As regards the plots-allotting affair, lets compare our democracy with the American democracy. Our government can allot any part of Pakistan to anyone. What a powerful democracy On the contrary, the American President cant allot even a dust-particle of American soil to an American. What an impotent democracy In the near past, an American President was about to retire. He had no residential house of his own. He looked about for a house available on rent. What an ordeal for the most powerful man of the world If the President had somehow come to know that the Pakistani Prime Minister had the powers to allot any part of Pakistan to anyone, there is a strong probability that he would have helplessly lamented: Would that I was destined to be a Prime Minister of Pakistan, instead of being a President of America. The plots-allotting process in Pakistan is as old as Pakistan itself. It is extremely difficult to discover how much of Pakistan has already been allotted to certain Pakistanis. But one thing is definite. If the process continues, a time must come when the whole of Pakistan would have been allotted and nothing would be left for the future governments to allot. Imagine a future government having nothing to allot. Imagine its misery It is not only plots which a Pakistani government can allot. It can also dole out any amount of public money to any Pakistani as charity. Every government has used its charity-giving power unlimitedly. This power has tremendous political significance. A Pakistani, who gets charity-money from the government, feels morally bound to vote for the charity-giver during the national elections. Thus, the charity-money virtually buys the charity-getters vote. Of course, buying votes is a legal offence. But actually it is an offence only if someone buys votes with his own money. But if a government buys votes with the national money it is not an offence. There are two brands of democracy in the world. There are Western democracies and Eastern democracies. Under the Western democracies, the rulers are on trial. But under the Eastern democracies, the masses are on trial. Obviously, the two brands are radically and fundamentally different entities. But unfortunately, they are called by the same name. What a horrific immorality Each democracy must have a specific name of its own. And the name must clearly communicate the essence of the thing named. Since a Western democracy essentially serves the masses, lets christen it 'Service-cracy. And since, an Eastern democracy essentially exploits the masses, let us christen it 'Exploitation-cracy. Which of the two 'cracies is appropriately applicable to us? Lets keep the answer tightly locked up in our hearts as a sacred secret. Unfortunately, 'Exploitation-cracy has been ruling Pakistan ever since its birth. Exploitation has always had two objectives to achieve: exploiting the masses and exploiting the national resources. One strongly feels that the masses have already been exploited so much that virtually there is nothing left with them that could be further exploited. As regards the national resources, the exploiters have been exploiting them ceaselessly. But the resources are so abundant that no exploitation, howsoever hungry, can exploit them fully. Look at the Quetta mines. Even atomic explosions cant 'exploit them completely. How lucky the exploiters of our national resources are They keep singing day and night: Long live our 'Exploitation-cracy. Long live our 'Exploitation-cracy. The writer is an academic.