PESHAWAR At least six suspected militants were killed when an unmanned US spy plane targeted a compound in Syedgai area on Thursday. Sources informed that a spy plane fired six missiles on a compound in Syedgaia area of North Waziristan, the area which US and its ally consider as the stronghold of militants in Pakistan. The targeted place is said to have been 12 miles away from Miranshah. The official sources further said that the militants were returning on foot from Afghanistan after being attacked by the forces there. The militants belonged to Haqqni network, which according to the US and its ally is linked to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Its leadership is based in North Waziristan and has been accused of plotting some of the deadliest attacks on US troops in Afghanistan, including a suicide attack. It is pertinent to mention here that the Thursdays strike was the second in this week, after a similar operation had killed at least nine suspected insurgents near Miranshah on Sunday. Around 220 people have been killed in more than 40 strikes since September 3. The growing drone attacks have caused a wave of fear and panic among the local people.