About one months ago, in the first week of October 2011, the Government of Pakistan gave a half page advertisement on all the prominent newspapers, claiming with the word Alhamdulillah that, Pakistan had achieved the equilibrium between supply and demand of electricity, so loadshedding from the whole of the country had been done away with. Though we the mere mortals of the country, particularly of the city of Karachi, never saw a day without loadshedding, yet we took the big and beautiful advertisements of the government of the 'poor people of Pakistan by heart and accepted the announcement But then, just a few days before Eid-ul-Azha, a public-pampering announcement came from the authority that, there would not be any loadshedding on Eid days. When just one month ago, the Government announced about complete discontinuation of loadshedding by giving costly advertisements by public money, and when there was no announcement of resumption of loadshedding (although we were never without loadshedding for any single day), then how come the people were given the good news of no loadshedding on Eid days? It is, of course, to be accepted that there were no loadshedding on the three days of Eid. Thanks to the electricity authorities Will anyone please throw light on the big and beautiful lies of the government announced about one month ago? If the government tells lie in such a brazen manner then what could be the future of the country? SYED SAYEF HUSSAIN, Karachi, November 10.