With the Sindh government reviving the commissionerate system on Thursday reportedly for a period of 15 days, the administrative hotchpotch in Sindh makes itself fully prominent. A sad reflection on the state of PPP and MQMs coalition in the province, the step seems to be more motivated by the impulse to grab power than genuinely serving the people. The Sindh government also froze the accounts of the local government. Reactions have poured in from various quarters notably the former representatives of the local government who stated that the restoration of the commissionerate system was an extra-constitutional move. Without going into the pros and cons of either of the administrative systems, the condemnable thing is that the commissionerate and local government systems have been shuffled day in day out. The charge that both the parties have constantly tinkered with the process of governance trying to bring in their favourite forms of administrative system for the sake of political survival cannot be brushed aside. For instance, in July this year a decision was taken to abolish the local government system replacing it with the commissioners rule. The city of Karachi as well other parts of Sindh during this phase of uncertainty plunged into violence the likes of which had never been witnessed before by Karachiites. And in August, the PPP setup brought back the local government to placate the MQM but lost favour with a number of nationalist parties which criticised the move as an attempt to divide Sindh against itself. The decision was farcical enough because at first the government even went to the extent of restoring the local government for Karachi and Sindh whereas the rest of the districts were to have the commissionerate system. Sadly, this tale of twists and turns was repeated on Thursday when the Sindh government issued the aforementioned order. That the government still remains in doubt as to which form of governance will suit Sindh best is absurd. The intention, it seems, is to hoodwink the public. The PPP government must learn to settle with one system and bolster it so that Sindh can heave a sigh of relief. Its double-minded stand or deception for that matter is meanwhile providing a happy hunting ground to trouble-makers and anti-democratic forces alike to bog down the city into violence and restlessness.