Marvi Memon Having conducted a national roundtable conference for solutions in Islamabad in early November it was decided that this concept of dialogue needs to move to grassroots into our provinces. Whilst our teams in the other provinces organise themselves on their grassroots issues and solutions, we will be starting with Sindh. There are massive issues in each province and its important to understand how people are suffering and decide how best their issues can be resolved. It is important that good sons and daughters of the soil have a consensus on solutions so that through public pressure they achieve that resolution. As such Sindhs roundtable in the form of a Dua will be taking place at Bhitshah on November 13, at 3pm. All true patriots are invited to attend. Shah Abdul Latif Sain stands for Unity of God, love for Prophet (PBUH), religious tolerance and humanistic values; in essence the best of huqooqul ebad. This is the reason that when crisis befalls Sindh we often look towards his writings for guidance. He has been a huge source of inspiration for me personally and my name being one of his 'Surmis I have often turned towards his work. His dargah is a symbol of peace, tolerance and all that is good about humanity. Perhaps this is why when the rest of the politicians are heading towards number game jalsas trying to outdo each other with their funds for transportation of people I have turned to Bhitshah. The Dua at Bhitshah Dargah which I have organised has a few critical objectives. I want this model to be one where the people come and pour their hearts out and the rest of Pakistan listens. It needs to be the voice of the people versus just the voice of the leader. I invite all those nationalists who have pain for their dharti. I invite all those experts and leaders who have excelled in their respective fields, have solutions, are respected in society, and are on the right track. I invite the youth who is tired of being treated like cattle. I invite all those who have suffered at the hands of the rulers. Let us sit together, talk and pray together. It is time that we realize that in unity of purpose there is strength. It is time we looked beyond our differences and united on core issues. What are Sindhs issues? They are practically the same as any other province: Hunger, unemployment, human rights violations, no rule of law, insecurity, institutional bankruptcy, lack of governance. The solution is a unity of purpose for bringing the right leadership which has no vested interest and doesnt wish to make money through politics; which simply wants to give good governance, collective leadership and work via a vision. Bhittai sain stands for universal human rights, equality, tolerance, simplicity, hospitality, peace and love. They are humanitys core values. If we have such strong traditions we need to find consensus in these teachings for todays issues. We need to look past political party differences and unite on some common denominator. For all of Pakistan its our flag and its our core values. For Sindh I cant find a more beautiful common denominator than Bhitshah. We have a sacred past; we certainly need to go back to it and fix our present. Bhitshah is the awakening Sindh needs. The writer is a former Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan.