HAFIZABAD - Raheela Wakeel, daughter of Rana Abdul Wakeel who is languishing in an Indian jail, has rejected a news report circulated by the Indian media that her father had died. Addressing a press conference in Dhingranwali, native village of Abdul Wakeel, Raheela termed the Indian media news fabricated. Raheela said that she along with her uncle and brother visited India for DNA tests which were found negative but after four years how these tests had been proved positive. She said Interior Ministry of Pakistan had sent a letter to her that Rana Wakeel and seven other Pakistanis are in Indian jail and the government was seeking their early release. She further said that she had submitted an appeal to Indian PM Manmohan Singh who asked them to visit India but the Indian Embassy is not issuing her visa. Raheela said her father was in Indian jail and called upon the Indian and Pakistani governments to ensure his early release.