It is about two decades nowthat Kalabagh Dam over river Indus was planned and millions of rupees were spent on preparing its feasibility report. All the rulers starting from Zia-ul Haq to the presentPM, know it very well that building of this dam is necessary for Pakistan. Theyall wanted to start its construction, but there has always been strong opposition from the political leadership of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh which led to the dropping of its construction plan.The presentPM has openly accepted the need of building this dam but has given up itsconstruction for building up consensus amongst the political leadership of those two provinces. For the information of all those political leaders who oppose its construction, I may remind them that it is not a political matter but is a technical matter and the future of Pakistans prosperity depends on it. Allama Anayatullah Khan Mashriqi, the genius man of the 20th century and the Khaksar leader during his address at Mochi gate after Independence commented Quaid-i-Azam has been forced to accept a truncatedPakistan where India has the control of all the rivers flowing into Pakistan and would turn the direction of all the rivers towardstheir territory leaving Pakistan high and dry. We would not have water even for ablution in times to come. On this Khan Liaqat Ali Khan remarked Allam Mashriqi is already half mad and now he isfully mad. How can India turn the direction of rivers?Now after 64 years, we have realised that the Allama was right and the government of that time could not benefit from his vision. It is still not very late and we can store millions of acres of water which goes waste every year by building a Mega Dam at Kalabagh, the ideal natural site. The nation suffers every yearduring rainy season with devastating floods and then water flows into the Arabian sea without being utilised. I request the opposing political leadership to understand the problem at national level and not at provincial level. It is a technical matter and they should leave it to the technical experts and people of Pakistan. If they are allergic to the very name of Kalabagh Dam, then I would request the government to change its name like Indus Dam or Pakistan Dam or any other suitable name. On the issue of KalabaghDam, I would appreciate the efforts of Engineer Khurshid Anwer, an expert on damswho has writtenover 500 letters during the last 10 years and deservesa national awardfor furthering the cause of KBD. His each letter highlights very convincing reasons for building up this dam for the survival of Pakistan. Engineer Shamsul Mulk the former chairman WAPDA belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also advocates the necessity of this Dam being a lifeline failing which he also foresees catastrophic conditions in Pakistan. In the light of foregoing, I request the government to go ahead with the construction of this Dam without any further delay and postpone the construction ofBhasha-Diamir Dam which has many demerits vis-a-vis KBD. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, November 9.