QUETTA - Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani while rejecting idea of more provinces in the country has said that it would lead to open a Pandoras box and increase the plight of Pakistan. Talking to a group of newsmen on phone from Islamabad on Friday evening, the Chief Minister said that he was not in favour of new provinces and added that instead of creating new provinces governance should be improved in the existing provinces. Raisani said that he considered the slogans for new provinces for duping the people and increasing the vote bank, adding, it was unjustified. He said that such tactics for new provinces would encourage the negative slogans in the country that would pave the way for serious problems that might harm Pakistans integrity. He said that apart from that such slogans would not only open Pandoras box but would also weaken the foundation of the country. He said that the country was passing through critical situation and did not allow for new provinces in the country, adding, that the idea should be dropped and efforts be made for improving governance in the existing federating units instead. He reiterated that resolution of all problems lied in implementation of 1940 Resolution that would empower the federating units. The Chief Minister said that deprivation of small nationalities from their rights was the main problem of the country and that could be resolved through 1940 Resolution. While defending his govt decision of making Gwadar as winter capital, he said that it would generate trade and business activities, opening new avenues of progress and prosperity that would not only bolster Balochistan but countrys economy. He said that he was not paying any attention to the critics of his govts decision and said that the same elements had been making hue and cry over backwardness and underdevelopment, but now opposing govts development-oriented efforts.