The spot-fixing trial and the various jail terms for three young Pakistani men should be an eye-opener for the cricket fraternity. The entire episode has lessons for everyone, including the ICC, which has zero tolerance for fixing an outcome of a match. But the question is whether the cricket administration is playing its proper role? The game of cricket is showered with affluence. Fortune can be the root cause for all controversies. Whether it is the country versus club debate or spot-fixing, its all about how much money you make at the end of the day. Obviously, making a fortune the wrong way is unacceptable. Why is Pakistan always under the scanner for things like match-fixing? Are the Pakistanis the only culprits? But when there is proper evidence, you are bound to be caught and punished. I guess there was enough evidence against Mohammed Asif, Mohammed Aamer and Salman Butt and they could not escape the long arm of the law this time. It saddens me to see three talented cricketers in jail, and all for bowling no-balls It is so demeaning to be behind bars. Their families are shamed for life and it really hurts. Corruption inevitably has a socio-economic link. It has a lot to do with education and this where the administration needs to play its role. Why did the three Pakistanis bite the bullet? Probably the Pakistan Cricket Board didnt do enough to apprise players about illegal practices afflicting the game. The players, of course, are not saints, but if the management was keen to curb corruption, things would not have gone haywire. My advice to ICC and all the Boards is to have communication with the players, 24x7. If you want to stop match-fixing, then ICCs Anti-Corruption Unit must educate players about the pitfalls. Constantly monitoring players is another option. It can be a delicate issue but during matches, all communication made by players should be tracked. During a series, the team management must also monitor what a player does when he is not playing. The circumstances demand that the management keeps track of a players buddy-list. It is an unfortunate situation, but very necessary at this stage. Its too early to say if Asif and Butt will play for Pakistan again? Once they have served their sentence, we should just leave them alone and let them manage their lives. I am hopeful for Aamer because he has age on his side. On a positive note, its a new beginning for Pakistan cricket and hopefully, lessons will be learnt. Courtesy ESPN-STAR Sports