When the then chairman Wapda, Zahid Ali Akbar, had given a detailed briefing on Kalabagh dam to the provincial government, Begum Wali Khan said to him on the quiet, General, what you say makes a lot of sense, but if we stop opposing Kalabagh dam, it will be our political death. Benazir Bhutto went one step ahead, she turned the whole of Sindh and half of Punjab against Kalabagh dam.I often wonder who is more responsible, ANP or PPP, to have made it impossible for any progress to be made on Kalabagh dam. One day they will have to face public anger as to why they did not allow dead storage to be replaced with live storage. Dead storage can only give death to the people while live storage can give them life. This is no rocket science - you have to store water when it is available, if you want to use it later when it is not available. If you dont store water during the surplus Kharif period, you will have no water for the lean Rabi period. Is this so difficult to understand? Even in your homes you have underground and overhead water tanks for this very purpose. If the ANP and PPP leaders are not allowing the country to have its water tanks, what right do they have to have water tanks in their homes? Let them do without these even for one day. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, November 9.