ISLAMABAD  – Pakistan’s most respected and famous classical singer Ustad Bade (grand) Fateh Ali Khan has said that government is not doing enough for classical singing adding he is ready to give his best even now if government gives him backing and support.

Talking to Online, Bade Fateh Ali Khan said that classical singing is virtually buried now as at one time it was at its peak in this regard.

Among his achievements have been Sitare-e-Imtiaz, Life Time Achievement Award, Pride of Performance Award besides three big medals and host of other international recognition.

He said that he has represented Pakistan at various countries including India, Bangladesh and other European countries. He praised previous government and presidents like Rafiq Tarar for giving him respect like Pride of Performance and Tamghai Imtiaz. Yayha Khan bestowed him Pride of Performance.

He berated that he cannot expect anything from the present government as house is a dream even rent of a house is not expected from them. Commenting on latest music, he said that youngsters are unaware of the basics and are making a mockery of classic music as it needs sheer training and rehearsal.

Giving comments on PNCA, he said that they are looting national exchequer as it was establish to promote true culture but in vain.

Recalling old is gold, he said that he used to sit on the roof of train before partition to go to Patiyala from Lahore.

Born in 1935 is amongst the foremost Khyal vocalists alive today in Pakistan, and the last significant exponent of the Patiala Gharana (stylistic lineage). He is the younger of the singing duo Amanat Ali-Fateh Ali, who enjoyed immense prestige and success in Pakistan as well as India, until the demise of Amanat Ali Khan[1] (1932-1974).

Fateh Ali and his late brother were trained by their father, Akhtar Hussain Khan, a distinguished vocalist in the patronage of the princely state of Patiala in colonial, British India. Their grandfather, Ali Baksh Jarnail, also served the same court, and was a cofounder of the Patiala gharana. The prodigious talent of Amanat Ali- Fateh Ali received early encouragement at the Patiala court.

They had a glorious debut in 1945 at Lahore, sponsored by the influential connoisseur, Pandit Jeevanlal Mattoo. Their breakthrough came at the All-Bengal Music Conference in Calcutta in 1949, when Amanat Ali was 17, and Fateh Ali was 14, after which they never looked back.

Amanat Ali - Fateh Ali became celebrities while still in their childhood in undivided India, and achieved their highest official recognition in 1969, when the President of Pakistan conferred on them the Pride of Performance Medal.

The “Bade” (elder) prefix got attached to Fateh Ali’s name after younger Pakistani musicians with similar names started making waves with an entirely different genre of music.

Life changed dramatically for the budding stars when India was partitioned in 1947, and the family opted to migrate to Pakistan.  Overcoming destitution in their new home, the duo swung back, while still in their teens, to earn their rightful place amongst the foremost vocalists of the subcontinent.

Fateh Ali was dealt a devastating blow with the demise of his brother Amanat Ali in 1974.