Information and communication technology has had profound effects on every aspect of human life. Google now-a-days is half-jokingly referred to as the man’s best friend. But in order to reach Google, one needs ‘Access’There are three main ingredients to it – Services, Training and Access. The Government needs to work to some extent for the first two whereas thankfully access doesn’t just come free; it brings some billions with it. Access is provided through Internet – Broadband Internet (or just ‘Broadband’). A 10 per cent rise in Broadband penetration (which is presently just 1 per cent) shall result in an increase of 1.38 per cent in the GDP. Education: Probably the biggest impact of Broadband is that it helps in learning everything. Almost every nation in the world has special programs running to provide e-education in schools and colleges, via broadband. Healthcare: Telemedicine allows specialist doctors in international and big national hospitals to treat patients of villages by being connected over broadband. Employment: Broadband deployment has proven to stimulate employment and creates jobs, especially in less developed areas. Software development is of special relevance for countries like Pakistan.Women Empowerment: The best way of financially empowering the Women is to train them to work from their homes connected with broadband. Most of the nations are ahead of Pakistan in deployment of 3G mobile broadband. These 160 nations are gaining huge benefits using 3G technology; 3G has actually become inevitable for Pakistan. In fact with current economy in a perilous state and the highest growth-rate of population in the region, it should not be wasting even a single day. So the question million dollars arise, why is it not happening in Pakistan? And what must the government do to make it happen? Dedicate fresh resources? Yes to some extent, for training. Spend a few Billions? On the contrary, collect a few billions by auctioning the frequency spectrum that mobile operators need in order to provide mobile broadband.This frequency spectrum auction has been delayed far too long. One of the frivolous debates started recently was that now we should forget 3G and go for 4G. Such misconceptions are purely due to lack of knowledge. The point to understand is that the auction is of frequency spectrum, which leaves the choice of technology (3G/4G) with the operators.Government of Pakistan made some half-starts but the auction process was halted. It has recently been re-started with bidding for hiring of consultants to monitor the auction process with the terms and conditions for the consultants that don’t seem to be good enough, which is evident from the quantity (only three) and the quality of consultants who choose to participate. One can therefore, only hope and pray (yes pray), that this time the process sees its logical end and people of this country are able to benefit from something that is actually God-given (the frequency spectrum) for which the government just needs to give permission to use. Even that looks monumental. (The author is former CEO of USF)