LAHORE – The Bank of Punjab (BoP) has refused to deliver yellow cab to a Lodhran resident, though the Lahore High Court ordered the delivering within a month, The Nation has learnt.

Twenty-seven years old Muhammad Amir Siddique from Lodhran moved the the Lahore High Court Multan Bench, appealing to the court to help him get the cab he won.

He alleged in the petition that he had, time and again, visited BoP Lahore Vice President Salman Shah after coming to know that he won a cab vide serial No-16-P4 of the BoP from the Chief Minister Self-Employment Scheme for Unemployed Educated Youth in his district, but to no avail.

He blamed Shah for making him a ‘rolling stone’, saying that he (the BoP VP) broke his promise to hand down the car. He further alleged that Shah told him that he could meet Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to complain about the matter because the issue was a political one and only the chief minister could solve his problem. Amir said he made repeated attempts to meet the chief minister but in vain.

He moved the court that directed the authorities concerned to deliver the cab within 30 days but authorities concerned remained unmoved. “I have paid Rs113,000 down payment of the cab while I have also greased the palms of officials to get it,” he told TheNation. He appealed to the chief minister to step in the matter to redress his grievance. Amir, who is an engineer from Bahawalpur, has been jobless for the past four years. The son of a retired schoolteacher has 10 family members with four sisters and four brothers.