SIALKOT - Federal Minister for National Regulation and Services Dr Firdous Ashiq said that the poor were the actual power of the PPP and they always voted for his party.

The PPP was successfully foiling every anti-democracy conspiracy being hatched by “political orphans and jugulars” who stole the mandate of the PPP in the past, she said while addressing different party meetings at Koobay Chak, Kotli Loharaan, Bajwat and Sialkot. She observed that it was the first time in the country’s history that any democratic government was completing its constitutional tenure.

The federal minister said that these “political jugulars” were now thoughtless that how they would go to the people to seek votes in the general elections. “These politicians were the black chapter in the political history of Pakistan,” she said and added that they should now stop blaming the PPP and its leadership for corruption. She added that they could not further hoodwink the nation..

Addressing a public meeting at village Gunjiyaanwali, Uggoki, the federal minister narrated that it was need of the hour that the politicians should serve the masses without their political affiliations. She said that the PPP believed in making practical steps to serve the masses instead of making tall claims of changing the fates of the people. She said that the PPP was the most popular political party in all the provinces and will form the next government after getting majority in the elections.

She said that the PPP was guardian of the Constitution and democracy in the country, adding that democracy was on its right track towards the political and economical stability. She said that the true democracy was getting boost now in the country followed by the “effective strategy” of the PPP government. She claimed that these political reforms were also bringing positive change in people’s attitude. She urged the masses to reject all those who broke their trust and stole the mandate of the people.

Band of dacoits takes away Rs3.2m valuables: A gang of as many 15 veiled dacoits looted gold ornaments, cash, electronic appliances and other valuables worth Rs3.2 million from the house of a local landlord in village Jallowali-Badiana, Pasrur tehsil here late the other night.

Reportedly, eight dacoits armed with Kalashnikovs, stormed into the house, made all the family members including women and children hostage and started looted. While their seven accomplices remained outside the house to provide them cover.

The accused collected 20 tolas of gold ornaments, three cellphones, electronics appliances, Rs100,000 and Saudi Riyals worth Rs75000, locked the family members in separate rooms and made off.later, in the morning people gathered at the scene following alarms raised by the family members.

The Badiana Police have registered a case with no arrest so far.