All and sundry just sit and gripe that the incumbent Sindh government is one of the most lethargic governments ever. The truth is that we have never seen a more appalling cabinet and to add to this our bureaucrats, technocrats and other employees including police officers, fire fighters, social workers, accountants, computer programmers and human resource specialists everyone has performed miserably in the last four and a half year. Every time some is asked what they have done on TV the same old story of either General Musharraf or the martyr’s of PPP take precedence. This government has proved itself to be the most inefficient in the history of Sindh province, and that is no mean task!

All players in the provincial government have a high life style supported by their corruption, but they give back poor service or no service, no one is found in their offices, absenteeism, attention to personal business rather than the government posts that they enjoy, is a norm. Unless you are related to someone, or some political group your chances of getting a job or any work done, be it legitimate, are slim to none. Adages about power and corruption exist for a reason. As they say, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This has contributed to the harsh and arrogant attitude of the government, both, politician and bureaucracy, in the province.

The Bureaucracy and technocracy in the province has utterly frustrated the few people in the government who want to get things done quickly. There seems to be no lack of red tape to hinder any development work in the province. Most of the work that is done is what can please a coalition partner. Unlike in the private sector, there is no evaluation of performance or lack of it, the less performing have no need to worry about losing their jobs, neither are the poor performers coached to improve their performance nor are they fired. No wonder everyone in Pakistan wants a government job, no work and more money and extra graft to make you rich quickly!

This growing trend of underperformance has caught fire in our ranks and the young generation has come up with new and innovated ways of avoiding work. What kind of future are we promising to our younger generation, that has been brought up on mother’s praying for a government job for their children, so that they can get more money and have to do no work. We as a nation are clock watchers? We have forgotten all our religious teachings. All I can say is let’s pray for this country and the people.


Islamabad, November 10.