SWABI - Workers leaders in a literary programme here on Sunday said that the work force is the real asset of a nation and without provision of adequate facilities to them it might be difficult to achieve the objectives of economic prosperity and strengthening the country industrial sector.

The literary programme was organised by Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF) to launch two books, “Islam Ao Mehnat”, written by Khalilur Rehman and “Thata Salam Mazdoora,’ written by Anwar Manirwal. Qam Qalam, a literary body of the local poets and writers, extended its support to PWF in organizing the books launching ceremony.

Distinguished literary figures Dr Khaliq Ziyar was chief guest and the other prominent personalities like Rehmat Shah Sail, Nural Amin Yusufzai, Aziz Manirwal, and Anwar Manirwal also attended the gathering.

The poets spoke about the importance of the workers and their contribution to the economic and financial boosting of the society.

On the occasion, speakers stressed upon the need for securing a due place for the workers in the society and their valuable role in the development of the country. They said that those nations who gave a respected place to the workers succeeded to acquire a prominent position in the comity of nations and those who exploited their workers faced economic backwardness and lagging behind in numerous fields.

They said that the workers are the backbone of the national economy and without giving them their rights it might be difficult to achieve the targeted objectives in the industrial fields. They said that the workers always want to earn their livelihood with dignity and honour.

Zahoor Awan, Central GS of PWF, said that they have been struggling for the rights of the workers for the last many years but the big question was that the industrialists sticking with their exploitative tactics and opposed to uphold the norms adopted by the International Labour Organisation.

He said that it was really a good omen that eminent literary figures strived to inculcate in the minds of the people that the workers have a key role to play in the society and without their contributions it would be difficult to achieve the desired goals.

In the developed societies, he said, the workers have been enjoying a unique place and all the facilities have been provided to them but in Pakistan the labour force experienced the exploitative tactics because majority of the industrialists are politicians. He said that industrialists-cum-politicians notched a dominant place in the political hierarchy for themselves. “But we vowed to continue our fight against all the odds while continued struggle despite the numerous difficulties,” he said.

Shaukat Ali Anjum, Provincial General Secretary of PWF, said that they have been working on a comprehensive plan to educate the workers about their rights and value.

“We are happy that the situation has improved to great extend but they still have to do a lot of work,” he said.