KARACHI (PR) Arts Council of Karachi has arranged a Painting Exhibition of a prominent painter of Pakistan Nazar Haidri titled “Music on Canvas”  Nazar Haidri is a prominent painter of Pakistan and is one the first students of Art Classes initiated by Arts Council. Well-known Masood Kohari and Lubna Agha are among his class mates. Famous personalities like Hameed-ur-Rehman, Ajmal Hussain, Azer Zubi, Nasir Shamsi and visiting artists like Zainul Abedin, Nagi, Shakir Ali and Sadequain like Maestro were among his first Art Teachers.  Nazar Haidri started his career as a commercial artist in 1961 with different Advertising Agencies like Lintas Ltd., JWT and WS Crawford under the guidance of famous commercial Art Directors like A-J, Shamza, H.N. Effendi, Sardar Muhammad and Wasi Mirza, which helped to broaden his professional spectrum as well as building his credibility under their patronage.