ISLAMABAD  - Chairman Raffi Pir Theatre, Usman Pirzada has called for solid steps by government to salvage national culture from growing menace of terrorism.

He expressed these views in an exclusive interview with Online. He held the terrorists were targeting the national culture and several nefarious bids were made to foil Rafi Pir Theater. “We will not be cowed down by terrorists threats and will continue to play our role for promotion of national culture and projecting soft image of the country across the world”, he declared.

Responding to a question he said terrorism had delivered a fatal blow to the entertainment industry and it was not easy to organize mega musical concerts like the past. The multinational companies were also hesitant to make investment due to terror acts. Every one has a different mindset in terms of provincialism while maintaining government writ is a challenge as well, he held. 9/11 episode and Lal Masjid incident have terribly impacted situation of the country, he said adding abolition of ministry of culture is beyond comprehension.

He underlined that Pakistani artists were talented and industrious and they could earn good name for the country if they were provided opportunity to perform at international level.

He was of the view Pakistani culture could neither be flourished under dictation nor could any alien culture could be imposed forcibly. He evaded to give any reply to the question about program held under US Aid saying the matter was subjudice and he would not offer any comment on this count.

He however stated that US Aid had selected Rafi Pir Theater to award contract  for educational program of children as  it had qualified for  all its standards and norms. As per this contract 7000 to 8000 programs were to be conducted and a 20 million dollars agreement was signed. Only 5.6 million dollars were spent when the contractor could not digest our success , therefore , attempts are being made to defame Rafi Pir Theater, he remarked. “We have neither breached the agreement nor have we committed any corrupt practices, he stated.  About Pakistan cinema industry he said it was on the brink of complete extinction. There was the time when this industry was the largest tax payer of the country but the government paid no heed towards rejuvenation of this industry, he regretted.