Since the beginning of civilization, man had an urge to control the forces of nature. Science and technology has been of great help in this regard. He has always been in quest for ways to improve his life; it is the result of his efforts that man has come from Stone Age to the Computer Age. Now, he has all the amenities and luxuries at his disposal.

Science has made our life easy and comfortable, healthy and enjoyable. It has made transport and communication easier and faster. We have succeeded in controlling certain diseases; diseases which were considered incurable a few years back are now easily and effectively cured. It is science and technology which has helped us to be self-reliant in food grain production. We have high-yielding varieties of crops and technology and machines which contribute to produce more harvests in the same land areas. Science and technology has brought prosperity to villages.

Science has changed our day-to-day life. Gone are the days when only the rich could afford the luxuries. Thanks to the spread of globalisation and liberalisation now many luxuries are within the reach of ordinary man. Today, an average middle class family can afford TV, washing machine, refrigerator, computer, internet, etc. At the turn of a button we can witness an event taking place in far-off places. The gifts of science has provided mankind a respite from the severity of nature — heat and cold. Certainly, man’s life today is far easier and comfortable than his predecessors.

One of the greatest wonders of science is the invention of ‘mechanical man’ popularly known as robot. It is one of the delightful curiosities of modern technology. The robots are being seen as a substitute to human labour. The day is not far when these robots will be installed in factories, workshops and offices. This is a mechanical brain which can do works with speed and accuracy. Now we have super computers which can make calculations of billions within seconds. It has made our tasks easier.

But the irony is that man himself has started misusing this power of science. It is increasingly being used to damage and destroy mankind with modern and deadly weapons and the pressing of one button can trigger doom for this beautiful planet. The latest one in the list of the deadly weapons is the germ warfare. It has made war more dangerous and destructive. There are poisonous gases which cause pollution.

Science and technology should be used for the benefits of society. Better sense should prevail. Our scientists should come forward to promote society for the beneficial. Science is always there to serve the society — constructively or destructively. It is we, human beings, who have to decide how to use science. To say, we should be very rational and judicious in the use of science for the betterment of humanity so that one and all can benefit from it.


Kandiaro, November 10.