LAHORE - With the arrival of seasonal vegetables and fruits in the market, most of the items saw a downward trend at the provincial capital’s Sunday Bazaars as compared to the last week.

Onion rates were cut to Rs35 per kg which touched the level of Rs80 last on Eid days. Tomato prices were also reduced following the smooth supply from India and fixed at Rs 35 to 40 per kg. Garlic (China) was fixed at Rs110 per kg, Garlic Desi at Rs 65 per kg.

According to rate lists, the prices of gourd, ladyfinger, pumpkin, bitter gourd, brinjal, and beans remained stable in the market. The visitors complained that the situation of different Sunday Bazaars remained bad where low quality food items were sold on roads with insufficient arrangements, irritating the consumers. The consumers said the rates of a number of seasonal fruits were fixed higher than those in the open market while many other newly arrived seasonal fruits were not available in makeshift markets.

According to the price list, the rates of chicken have been increasing over the last few months but there was a significant relief this week, as price came down by Rs30 per kg and chicken meat was available in the range of Rs130 to Rs140 per kg.

Cabbage rate was fixed at Rs20 per kg but not sold in makeshift markets and cauliflower was fixed at Rs10 per kg, which was available. Bitter gourd was fixed at Rs45 per kg and sold at Rs55 per kg. Pumpkin was fixed at Rs20 per kg while lufa price was Rs40 per kg but was not available. Peas were at Rs110 per kg but missing and sold at Rs160 per kg outside the bazaar. Capsicum was fixed at Rs100 per kg and sold at Rs120 per kg while green chilli was fixed at Rs40 per kg. The price of lemon was fixed at Rs35 per kg but sold at Rs60 per kg. Ladyfinger was fixed atRs30 per kg and sold at Rs40 per kg. Carrot was fixed at Rs25 per kg, radish at Rs10 per kg and sold at Rs15 per kg while turnip was fixed at Rs10 per kg and sold at Rs14 per kg. Ginger was fixed at Rs75 per kg and ginger Thai at Rs55per kg and sold at Rs80 per kg. Spinach was fixed at Rs15 per kg and sold up to Rs20 per kg.