ISLAMABAD  – The local transporters did not complete their designated routes giving the argument of the weekly gas holidays for CNG stations in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The commuters who daily travel between twin cities, are facing problems due to non-compliance of route number 1, 1C, 3, 111, 121, 24, 21 and 127 by the public transporters.

The commuters complained that the transporters violate routes to mint extra money from passengers, forcing them to pay double the fare for incomplete journey.

Muhammad Amjad, a commuter said he had to change two vans and pay fare twice for the same route while coming or going back Rawalpindi, due to route violation of the transporters. He said there should be an effective mechanism to ensure route completion, and grievances of the commuters should be addressed.

The commuters said that the authorities concerned should take stern action against the transporters involved in route violations.

“I got on a wagon of Route Number 1 from 6th road. After boarding the vehicle, the conductor told me that they would only go up to Faidazabad as they were running on petrol due to gas holidays,” Ramazan Hafeez, a commuter at Faizabad bus stop complained. However, the same vehicle departed for Islamabad after charging double fare, he alleged. 

When contacted transporters, they said due to weekly CNG holidays, it is difficult for them to operate on petrol all long day.  An official of the ITP said that a help-line had been established to address the grievances of the commuters.

He said that the commuters could register their complaints in case of route violation or overcharging. He said that the commuters could complain to the traffic wardens on duty at various points on the city main routes.