Once again Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called upon re-elected US President Barack Obama to zero in on terrorist sanctuaries across the border. He went as far as to say that the US never attacked the source of terror. He was apparently pointing to the alleged safe havens of Taliban without naming Pakistan. One agrees with his contention that the war against terror would not be won by bombing Afghan villages. If there is any adjective that describes Karzai well, it is: unreliable. He starts to forget his Afghan identity when he is on foreign lands particularly US and India, where he behaves more as a mouthpiece from New Delhi. Not surprisingly when he is invited by Islamabad, he changes colour. But it is about time that Karzai must realize that gone are the days when he could sell his strange notions to the world without question or fear of rebuttal by Pakistan. He is completely exposed as having repeating the same thing over and over again, while making light of the sacrifices of neighbouring Pakistan to bring peace to the region. He is not naïve enough not to understand how much Pakistan can help Afghanistan in the coming days. Why he time and again ignores his better judgment, is a question that remains to be answered.