A recent drone strike resulted in the killing of Hakimullah Mehsud, at a time when peace talks were about to start between the government and TTP. Government and opposition parties are blaming the USA for disrupting the ongoing peace efforts but contrary to this should they also mourn the death of a villain like this? He was responsible for the killings of so many innocent people and wrecked chaos in the country!

I am unable to understand why our politicians have created that much fuss over his death. A demand for the blockade of NATO supplies raises many questions on their sincerity. In the past NATO supplies were blocked when in 2011 Salala incident happened which caused the deaths of up to twenty-four Pakistani soldiers. Is Hakimullah’s death equivalent to Salala attack?

A debate started after the imprudent remarks of a leader belonging to religious party who didn’t have any sense of who a Shaheed is. This is the caliber of our leaders and politicians who are ignorant of the true meanings of our religion and they have proclaimed themselves to be the guardians of Islam! It’s high time we looked for sincere leadership which can understand and tackle the issues according to the requirement while keeping aside their own interests.


Islamabad, November 10.