BAJAUR AGENCY - Political Agent of Bajaur Agency Syed Abdul Jabar Shah on Monday urged the officials of health deportment to step up efforts for eradicating of polio disease in the agency.

This he said while speaking at a meeting with the officials of health deportment and representatives of WHO, and Unicef here. Senior officials of local administration were also present on the occasion.

 The agent warned of stern action whose efficiency could be found unsatisfactory during the upcoming drive.

The political agent said that the government is taking keen interest in eradicating of polio disease in the agency because the poliovirus is becoming a serious threat to lives of millions of children in the country.

He expressed concerns over the mounting cases of refusal of vaccination in the agency and urged the officials to take the issue seriously.

The official also urged the officials to enhance coordination with community particularly and involve tribal elders, religious leaders and the social activists in the polio campaigns because nothing is possible without their support.

He also asked the officials of health deportment and the World Health Organization (WHO) to keep close watch over the activities of the vaccination teams, as the community was unsatisfied with the performances of health teams.

He urged the officials to adopt a proper monitoring system of the vaccination teams and check and balance of the entire anti-polio teams across the agency.

Like other tribal areas, anti-polio campaigns has been facing resistence in the extremist-affected agency.