Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that America commits drone attacks to create chaos in Pakistan and the government must bring down drones besides blocking the Nato supply to restore peace in the country.

Addressing workers of Difa-e-Pakistan Council here the other evening, he added that the recent drone attack shattered all strategic agreements with the US and now the government should direct Air Force to hit the drones violating sovereignty of Pakistan. He said that the nation had no other option but fighting the war imposed on us by the Americans bravely and pushing forward movement against them. He demanded the government to discharge its duty of defending Pakistan, adding that the rulers should declare detaching themselves from American war. He said that the Difa-e-Pakistan Council had been saying for the last three years that American had waged war against us through drones and it was big conspiracy to disrupt peace in Pakistan. “At a time when peace process was moving forward with Taliban, American drone attack has unveiled American face,” he maintained. He said that the killing of Hakimullah Mehsun in drone attack after Nawaz Sharif’s meeting with Obama was a clear message to Pakistan that the Americans did not give Pakistan any importance. He said that America, Israel and India wanted suicide bombings in Pakistan and the US developed atmosphere for such bombings by provoking our tribesmen through drone attacks. He lamented that many international organisations like UN Security Council and Amnesty International had declared drone attacks illegal but the US still continued this terrorism.

ARMY DEPLOYMENT: In order to cope with any emergency, as many as 17 companies of Multan Corps of Pak Army will be deployed in Multan, Sahiwal and Dera Ghazi Divisions on Ashura. The army contingents will act as quick reaction force, if called by the civil administration. Meanwhile, a high-level meeting chaired by the Corps Commander Multan Lt-Gen Abid Parvez was held here at Corps Headquarters on Monday to review law and order situation and security threats on eve of Ashura. The Corps Commander said that Army would make all out arrangements with the collaboration of civil administration to ensure security.

JUP to oppose amend to blasphemy law: Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP-Noorani) Senior Vice President Shah Owais Noorani has said that any amendment in blasphemy law will be rejected, asking Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi to seek pardon on his statement regarding blasphemy law instead of beating about the bush.

Talking to a local delegation of JUP here on Monday, he added that the statement given by Javed Hashmi in National Assembly hurt the sentiments of all Muslims and Hashmi must seek forgiveness from Allah.

He maintained that the slaves of West continuously targeted blasphemy law to appease their foreign masters. He added that the statements given by misled elements shook Pakistanis, who would thwart all conspiracies hatched by the enemies of Islam.

52 ROS, AROS APPOINTED: The Election Commission of Pakistan has appointed 52 returning and assistant returning officers for conducting local government elections in Multan district. According to the details, the District Coordination Officer will be the District Returning Officer while AC City will be Returning Officer (RO) for Union Councils 1 to 8 and DO Water Management Assistant Returning Officer (ARO), Union Council 9 to 16 AC Cantt RO and DO Agriculture ARO, UC 17 to 24 EDO F&P RO and DO Elementary ARO, UC 25 to 32 EDO Works and Services RO and DO Secondary Schools ARO, UC 33 to 40 DO Community Development RO and DO Livestock ARO, UC 40 to 48 EDO Health RO and DO Sports ARO, UC49 to 56 EDO Agriculture RO and DO Cooperative ARO, UC57 to 64 EDO Education RO and DO Social Welfare ARO, UC 65 to 67 DOC RO and DO Planning ARO. Similarly, from UC 68 to 75 AC Shujabad RO and DO Health ARO, UC 76 to 83 AC City Jalalpur RO and DO Environment ARO.

Meanwhile, the aspirants to take part in local government elections have started receiving nomination papers from different sources.  Since the forms are available at the website of election commission and photstate shops, the turnout at the offices of returning officers remained low.

The lists of candidates will be displayed on November 13 while objections will also be received on the same date. The process of scrutiny of nomination papers will be conducted between November 16 and 18 while appeals will be heard between November 19 and 20. The candidates can withdraw their nomination papers till November 24 while the final list of candidates and allotment electoral signs will be done on November 25.