Religious saint Hazrat Imam Aliul Haq spread Islam in Sialkot region as thousands of non-believers embraced Islam at his hands centuries ago, when Raja Saalbaahn was the ruler of the region.

A number of religious saints loved and chose Sialkot for preaching of Islam and spreading their spiritual teachings by following Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Hazrat Imam Aliul Haq was commonly known as Imam Sahib who had devoted his life for spreading Islam. According to the history, he is one of the descendents of Hazrat Ali (RA). It was revealed that the former reached Sialkot on the request of mother of another local religious saint namely Hazrat Pir Murad Ali (RA) who was martyred by then ruler of Sialkot Raja Saalbaahn.

The Raja martyred Pir Murad Ali for want of his blood just to halt the repeated collapsing of the outer wall of Sialkot Fort. The wall used to collapse in the evening if it was built in the morning and in every morning if it was built in the evening. The ruler’s advisers asked him to arrange blood of any Muslim religious person for halting the repeated collapse. Different traditions say that he lifted Hazrat Pir Murad and martyred him and dropped his blood in the basis of the wall. On this, the wall became stronger and not collapse again. On this brutal killing, his mother requested Hazrat Imam Aliul Haq (RA) to come to Sialkot and fight non-believers for making Sialkot a fortress of Islam.

He came to Sialkot with his followers and spread Islam. He was martyred by a non-believer in a mosque, when he was saying his prayers. His shrine is located at Sialkot city’s congested Imam Sahib Locality.