LAKKI MARWAT - The teachers of Working Folks Grammar School Ghaznikhel have not been paid salaries for the month of October so far causing unrest and resentment among them. "The school was established in the previous ANP regime with the aim to impart quality education to the children of working class," said a teacher on Monday, wishing not to be named.

He said the school soon earned a good name in the district for providing quality education to the students. "But matters within the school turned bad to worse when higher authorities concerned transferred 15 more teachers to the school from WFGS Naurang," he maintained.

He told that the school was now overstaffed as it had no sanctioned posts for the newly transferred/posted teachers. "Now the issue of paying salaries to the teachers and surplus teaching staff is hanging up for the last over one month," he told.

A social activist Khalil Marwat told this correspondent that posting of surplus teachers disturbed teaching and learning activities besides created unrest among the teachers who were already working in the school.

"The situation if not tackled seriously would harm learning environment in the school at a time when academic session is at peak," he added.

He demanded of the provincial labour minister and other higher authorities concerned to take notice of the matter and resolve the issue of salaries' payment to the teachers of Ghaznikhel working folks school. LAKKI MARWAT: Beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Programme have demanded of the government to make the process of payment of financial aid to them easy.

Talking to this correspondent on Monday, they said that the process to collect/get financial aid through ATM (Automated Teller machine) facility had added to their miseries rather bringing any ease and comfort for them. 

They said that only Habib Bank branch in Lakki city had the ATM facility which was insufficient to cope with thousands of BISP beneficiaries.

"Other banks in the urban locality did not have the facility of automated teller machine", they maintained. They told that the banks in other towns and localities of the district except Naurang city also lacked ATM facility, forcing the BISP beneficiaries to come to Lakki city to draw financial aid by using ATM facility of Habib Bank.

They said that many poor beneficiaries especially women being illiterate belonged to the rural localities and they faced hardship to use ATM facility for getting aid money.

 "Hundreds of beneficiaries daily come to Lakki city from villages and hamlets, wait in queues outside HBL branch for their turn and return at the evening empty handed without reaping the fruit of daylong wait," they told.

They demanded of the government to install more Automated Teller Machines in other towns and localities of the district including Lakki City, Naurang, Tajori, Darra Pezu, Shabazkhel, Titterkhel, Tajazai, Serai Gambila, Ghaznikkhel and Gandi Chowk so as to enable the beneficiaries to get BISP financial aid without facing any difficulty.