NEW YORK-Miley Cyrus is going to keep being flamboyant because she thinks it’s keeping people interested in her, it has been claimed.

The 20-year-old star has been criticized for her over-the-top antics of late, including her skimpy outfits.

Although many don’t like her bold makeover, the star is said to be thrilled with the attention she is getting.

“Miley thinks she’s found the formula for success: being outrageous and ridiculously attractive, so she’s going to keep doing it,” a source told British magazine Heat.

However, there are fears the star’s lifestyle might be damaging to her health in the long term. She suffers from tachycardia, which means her heart rate is higher than normal. While she is fine at the moment, failing to take proper care of herself could exacerbate the condition. It’s been suggested Miley should look to other pop stars for advice on how to maintain the interest in herself without burning out.