I bluntly disagree with widely propagated lies that Pakistani government and Taliban were moving towards peace talks at the time when US droned Hakimullah Mehsud. Such a claim by federal interior minister was no more than a white lie, just to score a point that the Americans have dashed the peace prospects in Pakistan. Taliban spokesman’ statement just a day before Mehsud’ death is on record that government has neither made any contact with the group to initiate dialogue nor did it seem serious about the peace process. In this backdrop who will buy government claim that reign of terror and perpetual fear of renewed spate of terror was about to be over?

It’s simply rhetoric nothing else as in Pakistan you can sell anything with an anti-American title. It’s now an open secret that federal government took this false stance as was fearful of losing space to other political forces that are only one step ahead in defending terrorists. By mourning the death of Mehsud —- the murderer of thousands of Pakistanis, we have become a laughing stock in the eyes of world, but thankfully it has exposed the ugly face of many who have openly declared their alliance with terrorists. By declaring Mehsud a martyr, leader of a major religious party who holds stakes in talks with Taliban, surprised the nation that even if a dog is killed by Americans, it becomes a martyr! Leader of another religious party went one step forward to declare Pakistan military personnel martyred while fighting terrorists are ‘merely dead people not martyrs’.

Had it been another country these two leaders would have been charged with treason and sent behind bars or to a good psychiatric hospital but this is today’s Pakistan wherein schizophrenics are free to roam its streets, tell lies, misguide innocent people, there is no hope.


Saudi Arab, November 9.