The details regarding Naseerudin Haqqani’s shooting are still sketchy and no one is quite sure what happened. One thing that is confirmed: that he was shot on the outskirts of Islamabad last night, by unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle, en route a trip to the market. The funny thing is that the way the government found out was not through a report of the police or some inside source, but through a press conference held by the terrorists, after they had moved his body to Miran Shah for the funeral. Before we even start asking just what business Haqqani had in Islamabad, why is it that even in our own capital, the government has little or no information regarding the killing of a very prominent leader of the Haqqani network? Once again, the state is left looking like a fool and Chaudhary Nisar has given a generic statement asking the IG to investigate.

The Pakistani government finds itself in yet another ridiculous situation as last night, when the police arrived at the scene; all they were left with was a pool of blood and bullets with no explanation as to who the victim was. Given the fact that Naseerudin was a part of the UNSC’s sanction list which Pakistan is a signatory of, they were clearly not doing a good job of finding the militant who was hiding right under their nose. Once again, Pakistani intelligence agencies will be blamed, and for good reason given suspicion of their historical relationship with the network and their outright failure to find another prominent militant hiding in plain sight. One can ask whether our intelligence services were actually making a realistic effort to locate these criminals, and what part they had to play in this awkward episode.

As to the proponents of the attack, nothing is known, except that they were on a motorbike. This glaring lack of information points to the failure of the ISI and leads us to ponder as to what other enemies have slipped through the cracks and are running amok in the country doing as they please. Being in a sticky spot has become something of a regularity for Pakistan, and really, the only thing left now is to find somebody like Aymen Al Zawahiri relaxing in Rawal Lounge, enjoying a cup of tea. Pakistan and its national security has once again become a punch line for a bad joke, and it will take some doing for us to put this embarrassment behind us.