SADIQAQBAD -In the wake of allegedly discriminate delimitation of constituencies under the influence of the PML-N leaders for the Local Government Elections, efforts have been stepped up to form a big alliance against the ruling party especially between the two groups being led by PPP’s Makhdoom Ahmad Mehmood and PTI’s Rafiq Haider Leghari in Rahim Yar Khan district, it is learnt.

For this purpose, National People’s Party Vice Chairman Mir Fazal Elahi Fazly has been requested by various political leaders to play a key role, said sources. The opposition parties have concerns over the demarcation of union councils and other constituencies as they believe that the ruling party’s leaders have meddled in the delimitation process. Thus, the PML-N rivals have started efforts for formation of a big coalition for the upcoming elections.

The local politicians have asked the NPP leader to play a key role to give a hard time to the PML-N candidates. Mir Fazly has played a role in the formation of various alliances including ARD Islami Jamhoori Ittehad. Therefore, he has been requested to help remove the differences between both the political groups so as to create a non-party alliance against the ruling party in the elections.

Former Punjab Minister and PTI leader Chaudhry Shaukat Dawood has already announced his decision to unite with Ahmad Mehmood who is also former Punjab governor. However at tehsil Sadiqabad level, negotiations are underway between the PTI, PPP and PML-Q leaders for political unification against the PML-N.

Political analysts expect a dramatic change in the local politics if Mir Fazly volunteers to play a role for the unification of the PPP and PTI groups at the district level. Moreover, a strong political alliance would give the PML-N candidates a hard time to win the offices of chairmen of municipal committees and District Council Rahim Yar Khan.

However, Mir Fazal Elahi Fazly’s is of the view that the Local Government elections are unlikely to be held by the present government. Talking to the media, he said, “The LG elections are unlikely to be held. However, whenever these elections are held, the people should demonstrate wisdom while electing the candidates at the local level.” He urged the public to vote for honest and pious candidates having dedication to serve the people, in the upcoming Local Government elections.

He regretted that tehsil Sadiqabad had become a quagmire of problems therefore the people should get united and elect their honest representatives so as to eliminate corruption, plundering and commission mafia.

He asked the people to elect only those candidates who believe in serving the public by rising above all the ethnic, sectarian and political prejudices. The people were looking for a saviour who could solve their problems, he added.

Nevertheless, the former Punjab governor thinks that those voted the PML-N into power are now ashamed of their electoral decision they made on May 11 as the present rulers have disappointed the masses with their flawed policies. Makhdoom’s party has started preparations for the upcoming Local Bodies elections, and hoped that it would get landslide victories across district Rahim Yar Khan.

He alleges that the PML-N had carried out pre-polls rigging by “discriminately” conducting delimitation of union councils. Even then, with the public support, the PPP would defeat the PML-N in the upcoming elections as the public wants good governance in the country, he claims.