One must appreciate the DHA for the good care and maintenance of the Nisar Shaheed and the Zamzama Parks. I however wish to bring to notice a concern that is common in both these parks. Seemingly it is a very small issue, it would surely grow into much bigger if not addressed at this stage. Both these parks have car parking arrangements where walkers can park their cars on payment of a small fee – currently Rs.10 per car. A large number of government officials and their families, using government and police vehicles with number plates such as GS, GA, GL or SP, also visit these parks to walk. However, as checked from the attendants who collect the parking fee (Rs.10 per car), these officials do not pay the parking fee. It could not be ascertained if this strange and petty demeanor is the result of an act of kindness and concession on the part of DHA or simply a case of high-handedness on the part of these (often spoiled) officials.

As a citizen, I strongly protest against this discriminatory practice not only that the government vehicles are obviously misused for private purposes but are also provided a completely unwarranted and discriminatory concession. May I request that the law be applied equally to all citizens regardless of the nature of vehicle they use to arrive in a park. Everyone in the park comes for the same reason and function – personal exercise and recreation so treating them differently represents a truly convoluted state of mind which is persisting, even though our government officials and bureaucrats claim to be educated class. I hope that the authorities concerned will look into the matter and do the needful.


Lahore, November 9.