Even though education has brought about considerably more awareness and open-mindedness, but the wretched issue of honor killings has not been eradicated from our society. It is not rare that one hears, and especially from people belonging to the lower economic strata or rural areas, cases where the daughter was murdered by her father, brother or husband for having become a victim of rape. The men justify their actions by saying that the girl had ‘brought shame to the family,’ and deny that the act of homicide was criminal. Moreover, the rapist, the cause of real shame, is not only left unpunished, but often blameless. Instead of teaching our men self-control, women are taught self-blame, and this attitude only results in more rape cases and more homicides. What we, as a society, need to do is to firstly condemn the despicable crime and then accept and emotionally support the victim, instead of shunning him or her.


Karachi, October 19.