Human life is the most valuable thing on earth but in Pakistan it is the least valued. The National Institute of Child Health (NICH) is the largest government run health facility for infants and being the largest infant health facilitator, it is their responsibility to have a proper power substitute arrangement in case of power failure, which is very common here. It shocked the world that they had no backup and it failed to provide life giving oxygen to infants on the ventilator. The death of 4 children in incubators must have shocked everyone, but I am sure nothing will be done. With billions of rupees spent on, top heavy Ministries, I am sure we have no budget to save life of poor people. The PM and CM will claim to have taken notice, make a committee to look into the matter and then what? Is anyone taking responsibility for these deaths? Or are we going to just leave it as ‘God’s wish.’


Karachi, November 9.