In his address to the people of Mianwali, Imran Khan has promised to help the farmers of Mianwali, “The Indian government is helping its farmers and I will do the same”. The comparison with India is totally misleading. India has built three mega dams on the three eastern rivers, which are supplying about 14 maf of water to the farmers of east Punjab and three adjoining states, making the whole region a granary for India. Whereas our farmers are fighting over even less than 14 maf which our two dams are giving them. The only dam that can make a difference is Kalabagh dam, not small dams such as Dasu and Bhasha dam, which may take a dozen years or more to commission.

Imran Khan should know that the lower riparian will not allow this dam to be built in the totally mistaken belief that it will turn Sindh into a desert. This was said by Benazir Bhutto and we all know how wrong she was. The upper riparian will also not allow it to be built in the totally mistaken belief that it will drown Nowshera (how wrong can they be). Water will have to climb 25 feet from the reservoir to reach Nowshera. They don’t even know that 8 lakh acres in D I Khan and Bannu districts will never get any water from any dam on the Indus, unless the level of the Indus river is raised by about 150 feet, and that only KBD can do. Imran Khan has to do his home work before making any promises to the farmers of Mianwali.


Lahore, October 6.