One of the key commanders of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JA) lost his life in air strikes in Khyber Agency on Sunday. This is the group that took responsibility for the attack at Wagah border and our army and intelligence must be prepared for a backlash in larger cities. The JA spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said that the military offensive in Khyber Agency had been launched to flush out militants from the area used as a NATO supply route and that adding that JA would try to block the supply route. JA seems to be out for blood. Last week, it was threatening India and two roadside bombs that in Mohmand Agency killed six people including the son of a peace committee chief. JA called those who died, “apostate thugs” (because of course, JA is the epitome of civilisation and lawfulness and it’s the peace committee who are violent criminals). The army keeps telling us they they have broken the back of these militants, but here they are, armed to the teeth ready to kill anything that disagrees.

The splinters of TTP seem to be more dangerous than their birth shaft, but the Taliban are hardly a worry of the past. Three Levies personnel were killed, in a bombing in Bajaur Agency by the TTP. The number of polio cases reported in the country so far this year has reached 237 all thanks to the TTP and co. Their ignorance and cruelty know no bounds. Who needs IS when we have these guys blowing up their own people and ensuring that their own children are born with polio?

We keep hoping that this is the part where things get worse before they get better. The final putsch against religious fanaticism. And maybe it is. “Consider it is our final battle; be prepared mentally and physically, along with your arms, for the fighting in Khyber Agency” said Mullah Fazlullah, lead hydra head of the TTP, in an audio message released on Sunday. ISIS posters are cropping up across the country including Lahore, our national insecurity is at a high. While Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar has announced that there is no ISIS in Pakistan, is this true? Remember when the Taliban were only an Afghan curse? The ISI and military has to have its intelligence right on this.