Beijing: Chinese scholars, during an international symposium, have lauded the positive news coverage by Pakistani Press that played vital role in supporting the government’s efforts to speed up development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor- a major project of China’s One Belt One Road seeking regional economic integration.

Academics expressed these views while presenting their research works related to China’s One Belt One Road Initiative during one day symposium organized by the Hebei University’s Research Centre for Social Development of Islamic Countries.

Local and foreign academics in the fields of media, philosophy, culture and international relations attended seminar held yesterday at  Beijing Language and Culture University in capital city of China.

Academics hailing from China’s top class universities also proposed to establish Research Think-Tank Union for ‘One Belt, One Road' Initiative of China that seeks to boost connectivity for win-win cooperation countries along the ancient Silk Road.

The Seminar highlighted various aspects of ongoing projects and activities focusing to strengthen communication and cooperation along 36 countries of Silk Road having more than 3 billion populations.

Academics also urged the local and foreign media to enhance media coverage of the project that aims common prosperity and progress by boosting infrastructure development investment in the region full of natural and human resources.

Professor Bai Gui, chairman of the think tank said Union of Think- Tanks would work to strengthen academic cooperation with the local institutions of countries along Silk Road for joint projects in various areas of mutual interest.

Professor Cheng Manli, the director of its academic committee, stated that the foundation would be an important step contributing to the success of OBOR.

Envisaged by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) initiative aims at improving the economic, political and social relations between China and the countries and has been termed as new vision for regional economic and cultural integration.