LAHORE - The Punjab government will seek extension in the life of five ordinances from the Punjab Assembly today as it is not sure if it will be able to get them passed in the present session.

The Punjab Infrastructure Development Authority Ordinance was laid in the Assembly on August 27th, 2015 in the form of a bill. According to the laid down procedure, the speaker referred it to the concerned House committee giving it one month time to submit recommendations on the draft bill. The committee has not returned the bill to the Assembly as yet.

This ordinance was issued few months back for the designing, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in Punjab in line with the best international practices. It also authorises the government to hire international and local consultants and contractors for execution, management, operation and maintenance of infrastructure.

The government made an amendment earlier this year in the Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance, 1984 (IV of 1984) to regulate fee structure of privately managed educational institutions. The amendment was laid before the House in the form of a bill on 7th October. The House committee failed to submit its report within one month. An amendment in the Punjab Pure Food Ordinance, 1960 was made to provide for more effective enforcement of the law and rationalization of punishments. The same was presented before the Assembly in the form of a bill on 27th August this year. The concerned House committee is sitting on this bill since then.

The government established Ghazi University DG Khan through enforcement of an ordinance and submitted the bill in the Assembly October 7. Similarly, an amendment was made in the Ali Institute of Education Act through an ordinance and the bill was laid before the Assembly also on 7th of October. The concerned committees are yet to submit their recommendation which is a necessary legal requirement before passage of a bill by the Assembly.

Now, the Assembly will have to pass five resolutions today to approve extension in the life of these ordinances.

The Punjab Revenue Authority (Amendment) Ordinance 2015.and Punjab Sugar Factories Control (Amendment) Ordinance 2015 would be laid in the House today. The government also intends to introduce Canal and Drainage (Amendment) Bill in today’s session.