It is clarified by the concerned management of IoBM that there was neither any leakage nor any last minute changes in the question paper of the KMDC test held on Sunday November 01, 2015 as erroneously reported in a section of the press.

The unfounded reports, which further inaccurately state that the test went ahead due to assurances of transparency from IoBM, fail to specify the source within IoBM which provided such an assurance.

As such, IoBM contradicts and refutes such reports as baseless and unsubstantiated and reasserts its commitment to transparency which it has demonstrated in the conduct of such tests held for KMDC in the past as well.

Meanwhile, the KMDC test for over 4000 students was successfully conducted at IoBM on Sunday November 01, 2015. It was well-planned, organized, directed and controlled by the concerned IoBM Management as in the previous years.


Karachi, November 2.